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2017 Art Gallery Exhibits Archive

2017 Art Gallery Exhibits
Current & Upcoming Exhibits

Oils & Acrylics
by Katina Johnson

January 3, 2017 to
February 28, 2017
Art Gallery


Painting again! After many years of caring for a family and teaching, I am glad to return to my painting. A palette of colors gives me the opportunity to try and capture nature’s glory on a sheet of blank paper or canvas.

The escape of creative expression thru art has long been a lifesaver for me. Here in central Kentucky, the beauty of nature is present every day to inspire me. Although I studied art during my years at UK and WKU, the time and passion for painting have now returned to my life bringing a rewarding dimension.

Having time to paint with friends, participating in the MC Arts Council, Girl Scouts, baby-sit grandchildren, and teaching art are my daily pleasures.

Previous shows:

Art Over Louisville, Artemisia 2009
KY State Fair 2009, 2010, 2011
Smithsonian Exhibit/Art Show 2012
Marion County Ham Days Festival 2014,’15,’16
Wickland Art Show 2013, ’14.’15,’16

Mixed Media
By Kelly Ayers Sheehan

March 1, 2017
to April 30, 2017

Art Gallery


I'm originally from Virginia, just outside of Washington. D.C. where art and creativity were strongly encouraged at home. My love of collage and "bringing the pieces together" began at an early age with quilting and sewing with my mother and grandmother. I attended Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, Georgia; George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia (B.A.) and Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia (M.S.). I've spent over twenty years working as a graphic designer and an interactive media designer while continuing to pursue my love of fine art in painting and collage.

Five years ago, I decided to pursue fine art full time. I work in my home studio and have been an exhibitor and sold art in shows close to home as well as in shows like the New York Art Expo. I draw inspiration from traveling with my family and friends, as well as from music and festive gatherings. I currently live in Decatur, Georgia with my husband and four children.

"When I decided to pursue my passion for the fine arts, there was a natural transition from graphic design to collage. As a graphic designer, just like quilting, I used various design elements (in this case text and images) and moved them around within design software before creating a finished piece. Now I take physical pieces of painted, cut paper, fabric, etc. and move them around on a physical canvas, experimenting with how it looks until finally adhering the pieces to the canvas. I love the element of surprise; how things come alive on the canvas when you least expect it."



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